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In designing our Website Package, we addressed the most important functionality set that should be in most new websites.

We have provided probably more functionality than you could have thought of or afforded to have on a stand alone basis built from scratch.

New functionality will be developed and added to our standard package as we move forward.

Standard functionality is as follows:-

Unlimited pages

You will be able to add as many pages as you want to your website, whenever you want. You can add multiple levels, place on hold and reorder pages.

Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to build and improve your website to keep it current at all times. Sort, arrange or hide pages, populate them with your available modules and rich functionality. We provide a very easy to use web editor that makes it just like MS Word to use.

There is no reason why your new website can't be kept current at all times. You do not need to come to us to make minor changes. However where graphics are included you may need to come to us to enhance your photos to maintain the highest image presentation possible.

The Content Editor Allows you to:
  • Spell Checker (US English)
  • Upload/Insert photos
  • Create Numbered Lists
  • Create Bulleted Lists
  • Align Text
  • Undo/ redo function
  • Manage hyperlinks
  • Upload Documents and link to them
  • Insert tables
  • Edit in rich text mode or straight HTML
  • Select from a predefined list of fonts customised specifically for your website's style guide
Customer Relationship Management System

Use all the features of the CRM System to better understand, anticipate and deliver to the needs of current and potential clients. The CRM System brings together several features and modules designed to deliver you a complete Customer Relationship Management System.

The CRM System is a package feature containing:

  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Branded Email Template
  • Newsletter Email Template
  • Member Building features
  • Members Area feature
  • Client Area feature
Contact us page and form

The contact us page on a website is one of the most hit pages on a website. Our Contact us page allows a visitor to send you a detailed online enquiry and provides your contact information and address. Enquiries sent from your site are branded with your colours and logo. This function also includes a auto response thank you page.

If you wish, an interactive map, supplied by Google Maps, is also included.

Emails arrive to the nominated email address in a custom-designed shell that reflects your website branding.

It displays the following editable information:

  • Contact Us introduction
  • Custom 'Thank you for your enquiry' message
  • Your 'Organisation Name'
  • Your contact email 'Address'
  • Your telephone number
  • Your fax number
Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

We provide standard Privacy Policy and Website Disclaimer that can be edited or replaced with disclaimers provided by a third party.


Breadcumbs incorporate a page heading and a trail of links that tell the user exactly where they are in your site.

They are a clear way to help visitors maintain orientation in your Website. Breadcrumbs display the hierarchical structure of the path taken to land at the page the visitor is viewing. Breadcrumbs are displayed as headings separated by arrows. Each heading preceding that of the current page will link to its respective page. Breadcrumbs can be removed from and added to pages, but not edited internally. They are setup once (by us) to reflect the look and feel of your design, and the headings produced are automatically generated by the hierarchical page structure of your site. If a visitor hits one of them they will be returned back to that page from where they came.

Docs and links module


Docs manager and image manager for the editor

Team Photo Carousel

Frequently asked Questions module

Meta tags and SEO

Unique graphical look and feel

Google analytics hits statistics

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