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How long does it take to get one of these on my golf Course?

Each of the three options for an i3D tour is an individual customisation for each course and therefore it is a labour intensive product.

Timing will depend on the current level of demand and the option selected by the client.

The timing represented here is indicative and may be longer depending on weather and other matters outside our control. At the time of booking a i3D Tour and paying the 50% deposit we will be able to give you a better idea on expected delivery date.

 Indicative time to complete.

Basic Option. 

This option will take a representative view of the course from Google earth and will represent the course as it appears on that public website.

As this option does not require any site visit it is quicker than the other the options. From time of commissioning us to delivery of the files to you for you to load onto your website is approximately one month.

Intermediate Option.

This option does require a site vist that will be  added to the quoted price. The reason for the visit is to be able to capture images of your particular Flora. This flora will be custom for your location and the need to make this visit plus the extra modelling required does make delivery of this option approximately 6 weeks from paying the deposit.

Premium option.

This option does require a minimum of 2 days on site to model the tepography and Flora of your location so that realistic models can be created for every hole on your course. Beside the extra on site visiting time the considerably more hours of modelling for this option means that it can be up to three months from time of deposit being paid to the new course tour being deployed on your website. 
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