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The Benefits to Members of the Web Community.

In our experience most "communities" have similar objectives and generally want the same outcomes. It is rare that one member of a Community will have the time, capital or inclination to be an outstanding innovator in web applications for their industry or community. About 80%-90% of the functionality required is the same for the members of a community as they are in a business with similar website needs.

The common element in addressing the web communities' concept is that the members would rather concentrate on their day-to-day business objectives and not worry about being a web guru!

The overall concept for a web community is that we develop a functionality set once to suit the business needs and objectives of that community. Thus the cost of the development is shared amongst all other community members.

The benefits of the community member's website to members are:
  • Cheaper than going it alone
  • More functionality than they could afford by themselves
  • Less time taken by members in managing their web development compared to go it alone
  • No hassle with understanding the technology 
  • Very easy to manage online administration system to edit pages and add functions
  • No possibility of making the wrong choice of developer or over paying for the functionality required
  • Easier overall approach to total web solution
  • Improved potential utilisation of web functionality for E marketing and E business efficiency
  • Provision of standard content that is pre approved by Community controller
  • Improved value to members business due to better website functionality
  • Continuous additions and updates over time from Community controller
Each member of the web community contributes their own flair and business acumen to their content and web offering. The effectiveness of this content offering will set them apart from the others in the same community and increase their own business value. The web community concept allows members to concentrate on the business and not the web technology itself.
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