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Support and Training

We offer a standard amount of training and assistance to you in understanding our back end administration system and also assistance in formatting and including your initial content into the website.

We are always wiling to conduct training sessions either at our office or on site. We prefer to have max three people to train at one session and training sessions are for a minimum of 4 hours at our standard rate of $137.50 per hour plus travel time if training is done at your premises.

Our back end administration tools are very easy to use but a little training in the tricks of the trade do help you to maximise these great tools.


We have not generally been keen of annual support packages. In some cases these are not the correct approach to manage the ongoing website. There are always things to do on a website. Some clients have dedicated staff to constantly monitor improve and promote their websites. Others leave it until is not working as they hoped before they call us in to assist them get back into shape. 

We offer pre paid support blocks in the following way:

Support - Option A) Standard Hourly Rate..................$ 137.50 ph incl GST in half hour blocks

Support - Option B) 3 Hr Support Block (10% discount)...$ 366.00 ph incl GST in half hour blocks

Support - Option C) 5 Hr Support Block (20% discount)...$ 594.00 ph incl GST in half hour blocks

We suggest the way our support can be used most optimally is to commit to a defined level of support in agreed intervals of 6 monthly or yearly. We would then fully review your site for image quality, text formatting, hyperlink management, search engine placement for your primary keywords, the effectiveness of your email campaigns. We would repair things as we reviewed and at the end of the defined number of hours we would come back to you with suggestions of what is needed to freshen up your site and ensure your business objectives are back on track.  

You should always budget for a complete image change at least every 2 years. Our sites are designed to achieve this cost effectively and the functionality is not necessarily effected by such a change.

Contact us to discuss a support package to suit your website.


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