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COGS Web Communities (CWC)..

CWC enables a community of website, in the same field of endeavor, to join together and share the cost of building superior website functionality. Each member of the Web Community gains a website packed with functionality for a fraction of the price of independently achieving the same functionality as a single web development.

In our experience most "communities" have similar objectives and generally want the same outcomes. It is rare that one member of a Community will have the time, capital or inclination to be an outstanding innovator in web applications for their industry or community. About 80%-90% of the functionality required is the same for the members of a community as they are in the business with similar website needs.

The common element in addressing the web communities' concept is that the members would rather concentrate on their day-to-day business objectives and not worry about being a web guru!

The overall concept for a COGS web community is that we develop a functionality set once to suit the business needs and objectives of that community. Thus the cost of the development is shared amongst all other community members. In designing a Web Community, we address the most important things to the members of the community. We determine what functionality is common to the community and usually find that over 90% of the functionality required is common.

We end up delivering more functionality to chose from than a community member could have thought of or afforded to have on a stand alone basis.

Members have access to all the functionality developed in the core site structure- functionality that is more affordable because it can be distributed across the total Website Community. The benefit of the Web Community is that once the base functionality is developed the cost of deploying it across the Community is managed well.

After the initial functionality is deployed we work with the web community to help steer future developments as the Community grows. We encourage the set up of a steering committee to assess members request for new functionality. We will assist the steering committee and guide the priority of future enhancements.

All members of the community can add into their websites any new functionality developed for a small contribution to its original development and at a far cheaper price than a stand alone development for any individual member.
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