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A course tour is an important part of any golf club website. The course is the primary asset of the club and the course tour on a club website is often the first point of call for prospective members visitors and corporate day event organisers.

The interactive course tour is targeted at achieving the following;


  • Give the online user a detailed understanding of the course

  • Provide and engaging experience that aims to keep the online visitor on your site for a longer period of time, immersing themselves in the in your brand and your message.

  • Differentiate your course from other clubs promoting themselves on the Internet

  • Drive visitors to a "call to action". For example, get corporate day booking enquiries.

  • Provide a unique experience that people will talk about and spread the word outside the website into the wider community.

Existing course tours have been limited to pictures, static models and 360 degree virtual tours. Our research of the top 100 golf clubs in the world has not revealed any golf course tours to rival what we are offering here.
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